I feel like the only way to end the statement, “Now I’m not racist, but…” without saying something that’s horribly racist, is to end it with a complete non sequitur. “Now I’m not racist, but… horses look fucking majestic galloping over a sun-dappled meadow in spring.”

Or, “I’m totally not racist, but, t-shirts without a tag on the collar are really comfortable.”

Or yet: “I just want to start out by saying that I’m not racist, but floral scented perfume often has hints of fruit extract as well. Just sayin’.”

My academic advisor wants me to do some independent research on a question I brought up in one of my exams.

She thinks I could submit said research for publication (which doesn’t mean it would be published, but god damn is it still rather impressive).

And part of me is like… super squeeing on the inside (and sometimes the outside) about this because do you know who never produced anything for publication while working on their Master’s degrees?

That’s right, My Dad and my cousin Derek. Aww yeah.

Now, I am in no way admitting that I may have a slight inferiority complex when it comes to my Father and cousin both working in the same field as me, except I have a pretty bad one really, but I’m pretty sure this will finally impress them both.


My brother is literally sulking on the couch because I disagreed with his description of Sansa Stark as a “helpless victim who’s only strength is enduring the torture she’s put through.”

I don’t even watch the show.

My Response to Fandom Bullshit
Cypher: apparently people are taking whatever the devs have said about romances in Inquisition and retreaded the OMG ALL BI LI's ISN'T REALISTIC argument
me: of fucking course they have
me: Someday I'm gonna fund an indie game
me: and It's just going to be nothing but black bisexual women
me: all the characters
me: all of them
me: even the ones you can't romance
me: bisexual
me: and they'll say it to your face
Cypher: /throws wallet at you
me: And I'm going to mail a copy to everyone who ever made that comment
me: with a picture of my dick taped to the front
Cypher: /falls out
me: Because suck my dick

Okay no, fuck you, little brother. I am letting you use MY NEW GODDAMN KING BED to sleep on so you don’t have to spend your last few nights here sleeping on the shitty ass fold out couch that is pretty much ruined as shit already.

So no, you don’t get to cop a fucking attitude with me about making you put some goddamn sheets on it before you fucking use it. You are not ruining my new goddamn bed after we put so much work into getting it into this tiny ass house, by rolling around on it for four nights and coating it in your stench.

Fuck you and your complete ingratitude.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will Feature Complex Romance and Characters with “One Solid Sexual Orientation”


In a forthcoming AusGamers interview with Aussie expat and BioWare producer Cameron Lee, it was revealed the normally ambiguous approach to in-game romance in the realm of sexuality would be receiving a more specific option allowing for more complex relationships.

"The romances are more complex both in type of romances going forward and how you go through that romance," Lee explained to us. "The different types of sexual orientation of the different kinds of characters around you is also more complex than in previous games. I think there’s going to be a lot more realistic… realistic… you know what I mean — anyway, more engaging and more involved than in previous games. That’s definitely the goal, and we are definitely going to go out there with some characters just being one sexual orientation. And that previously wasn’t the case. The real world reflects that so we’re going to make a game that reflects that as well."

Dragon Age has always been known as an open and ambiguous beast where sexuality is concerned, and romance will continue to play a major role, only in more complex form built from the real-world. Hopefully this speaks volumes of the evolution and maturity of the series where Inquisition is concerned.

We’ll have more from Cameron Lee soon, so stay tuned.


Aaaand there go my hopes for all bi romances.

I’m seriously wondering how they seem to think there are people with… multiple sexual orientations? Like… that’s now how bi and pansexuality work? They are single sexual orientations…

I just read that the supreme Court upheld Michigan's ban on affirmative action.



wow………………. regression

(I didn’t scroll down to the comments but for everyone’s health, don’t)


Gotta love that we’re slowly (or not so slowly) being very deliberately turned from a carefully constructed liberal representative democracy to a majoritarian representative democracy. Interesting tidbit: the Founding Fathers were actually fucking terrified of the masses having a voice. They were pretty sure we were all incompetent idiots.

Because we all know that “might makes right” (or in this case “More people agree with me, so I’m right and you’re wrong”) has never, ever, ever, been wrong before.

Loving the SCOTUS reasoning too. So… that court can’t overrule a law that was voted in directly by the people but totes can overrule a state constitutional amendment those same people voted into legitimacy.

Also fuck you SCOTUS

The girls are back in town.

(I haven’t seen the new trailer yet because my stupid laptop has fucked up sound right now).
But is that Leliana?!


headcanon: Helga was the favourite teacher of most students, particularly the first years. As the most inclusive of the four founders, she was also seen as the least intimidating.

requested by redhairedanne

My favorite thing that I learned about Helga Hufflepuff was, and this is canon, she married a man of a magical family who had no magical ability. (A squib).

Because of this, witch and wizard history almost never mentions that she married at all.

Well if I had known they were going to require efficient time management I wouldn’t have come!
Me, commenting on grad school